Thursday, July 31, 2008

Beef Up Tourism in Malaysia

Couple of days ago the Star ran an interesting article about how Malaysia could potentially weather the current economic downturn by developing tourism since it's one of the fastest growing sectors in the global economy.

Besides being a day late and more than a couple of ringgit short, instead of trying to compete with the likes of Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore it makes more sense for Tourism to try to piggyback on their pool by increasing access from said countries. That way they only have to spend couple of million instead of billions to try to improve the whole sector... expectations from tourists also will be lower since it's like a by the way destination. Works out for everyone.

They should also promote Malaysia in Mongolia since we're probably always on the Mongolian news. There's already existing awareness. I was having a real blast coming up with potential taglines. Here are a few that I came up with before I ran out of ammo ;)

Get Blown Away!
Thrilling you to Bits
Have a Blast
A Roaring Good Time

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jackson Pollock Wannabes

Original Jackson Pollock

Need a fun distraction or some inspiration? Who doesn't? This make your own Jackson Pollock inspired artpiece site: rocks! Colour appear randomly and you get a different one each time you click the mouse. This kickass application was created by stamen, a design studio based in San Fran.

Check out mine

Very Therapeutic, fun and great for getting creative juices flowing. Go make art.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Stupid Morons at PROTES

Can't help commenting on the hullaballoo about Alak, the Carburetor Dung singer who was attacked after allegedly mooning during a performance of Jilat (Lick) at Stadium Kelana Jaya during PROTES rally on sunday.

It's the case of fuel price hike protest turns stupid. The Attackers were reportedly insulted PAS supporters, who threw water bottles at him, forcing the band to stop and then he got his ass kicked by an angry mob. He had to hide underneath the stage for 30 minutes.

Give the guy a break!!! Apparently. the morons thought that he was saying Liwat (homo)??? thinking that they were making fun of Anwar??????? -MORONS!!!

Either way, why can't they just be civilised. Look at the video lar he had his underwear on it's not like he showed his A-hole. Acting so Kampung will just give the police more reason to band future peaceful rallies. It just shows what years of senseless repression and TV censoring will do to ya they forgot why they were there in the 1st place... Seriously!!! Good on the band for not apologizing!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Stupid Politics

It's a joke... 3 ring circus featuring Badawi, Mahathir & Anuar is now a 4 ring circus with the addition of Najib being publicly implicated in the Altantuya murder.... I wanna fucking MOVE!!!!!

I just learnt a new Malay word today -Liwat- Meaning: Homosexual. So what if Anwar plays backside??? So does the Astronaut and apparently Naj too according to Bags. Go arrest them Stupid!!!

We should make them duel. Incidentally, I read in one of those trivia books that dueling is legal in Cuba.

Also KJ seems to have been keeping a low profile these days... Although Maya Karin is getting Married to some white dude. So much for that rumour! Wonder if he's invited?


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