Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wentworth Miller Gay?

Perez Hilton started the rumour that he's gay last year, Wentworth denied it, now justjared is saying he's dating Luke Macfarlane (see picture) ... Everything else I read basically say the same thing over & over... Whatever... All I want to know is what's with the matching flip-flops?

Q: Why Am I So Mean?

A: I'm actually really sad & lonely so I have to put down others to feel good about myself. Ain't life a bitch?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Why I Hate Clubbing

Maybe it's because I don't drink (am allergic) or am too old to be cool but typically what I do when I am forced to go to a club because I just never learn:
Bitchface the Doorbitch...
Light Cigarette...
Stand around like stupid...
Play spot the Loser with No rhythm (in my head)...
Sit around like stupid...
Try not to laugh at butt crack exposing,

passed-out drunk girl
Light Cigarette... Light Another Cigarette...

Stand around like stupid... Sit around like stupid...
Regret wasting a decent outfit on this place
... Feel Really Stupid ...

Thank God I didn't pay to get in

Monday, September 24, 2007


Everybody's Doing It! They're digging their butts and chewing it!
-Not really...

I have an addictive personality. Hence my addictions to all thing addictive like eating, smoking, buying crap on ebay, gambling, tv, etc., etc.

So joining Facebook has been a really fun but bad idea considering how my never-ending to do list for work is piling up while I'm Facebook-ing my butt off. It's really a force to be rekoned with! I spend an average of 2-3 hours a day 'throwing chickens' and doing other rude unmentionables to people. And I don't even have to get off my lazy butt to do it! That's when I'm not adding more nonsense applications to my profile.

Everybody... everybody and their momma is on Facebook. Everyone from high profile socialites to freaky stalkers who have no life are on it! But since I'm a loser condemned to social pariahdom, only the latter group concerns me. I don't get it! How do they find me? The worst are the ones who add you again after you ignore them. Sheesh! And I thought I was the loser.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Conned ...Bali Hotel

Just found out today that Villa Seminyak Lagoon Villas (usually out of my price range) was going for RM600+ for 2+1 nights right after I booked Villa Seri for the same price. There's a cencellation fee! -AAAAAA!!! Bloody useless travel agent! I feel so conned!!!

Scheming in progress ...

I Hate Sonia

My dear friend Brie in NY, who I have daily communications with over google mail (since she never ever picks up her phone) wrote the following about a mutual friend and I think it's really funny.

Do you suffer from strong feelings of frustration and aggravation after a long night with friends? Can't sleep because you feel disgusted, disappointed and nauseous after what should have been a fun night? You are not alone, you' may be suffering from IHS or I Hate Sonia.

There's a new treatment out there just for you.

You need may want to talk to your doctor about HTDOHIC (better known as horse tranquilizers to dull out her infuriating comments.) HTDOHIC will help you deal with daily exasperating stimulus caused by IHS. HTDOHIC dulls your senses so that you can communicate on basic levels similar to a 12-year old by corroding your brain cells leaving you to feel ditzy and silly.

HTDOHIC is the only drug that ensures an instant sense of vapidity that will overcome you. Similar to a lobotomy, the aftereffects of this wonder drug will leave you feeling calm and peaceful whereby you will only be able to communicate through monosyllabic words.

Please note: HTDOHAC may have severe side effects such as reduction of passion, intellect and loss of any sense of self worth and maturity.

I've always hated this chick! It's not personal, but it is.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Bali High!

Got a my return flight on Quatar? Qatar? Airlines, KUL-DPS cheaper than AirAsia RM630 (available at a travel agent near you 'till 08 -What a steal!) all in... not bad... I try to avoid Air Asia if possible, too many bad experiences.

So Bali here I come, Babeh!!!

The thing about booking accomodations online is that you never know what you'll really get. After a couple of bad experiences I really don't trust the pictures online, since I work in advertising and all we do is touch-up pictures all day (ok, so we do other things too...). My general guideline: Rule out the ones with the curly-wurly carpet & furniture first -those are the worst! And then what? You can still fall into the trap of false advertising & photo manipulation. But am really hoping hard that this time will be different. Check out the hotel I booked for US$55 a night ... Sooooo promising

crossing both fingers & toes

Saturday, September 8, 2007

My Friend's in A Band... On You Tube

I actually know Julia Ghoulia from The Brides in this video!!! We went to school together & she really is cool! There's my claim to fame. Yeah!

I hope she becomes really, really famous and then I can invite myself to be part of her entourage... more scamming going on in my head...
New Shocks

Friday, September 7, 2007

Avril Lavigne Broke My Heart

Despite having to wake up to Girlfriend every morning, (I set it on my alarm) I can still listen to it over & over, especially the Chinese vesion... I love Avril! She has 'tude! I wanna be her when I grow up!

So what's this she being sued left & right for plagarism. Rubinoos, some geekasaur band from the 70s says she copied them. Listen below:

You broke my heart Avril... But only for a second. So what if you copy people! Who hasn't? You still Rock it Better! See below. I'm so coming to Canada!

Random thought: What did people do before there was you tube?

Snakes Are Everywhere & No Better Than Bitches!!! Thanks For A Bitter Lesson Learnt. Goodbye.

Bitten by a vicious serpent! Nothing like being back stabbed by someone close to put things in perspective.

'snake in the grass' as described by

1. a treacherous person, esp. one who feigns friendship
2. a concealed danger

I would have to say i've seen many characters of the sort. But I'm usually perceptive enough to keep a safe distance.

Here are lessons I've learnt (& need to preach) on surviving venomous snake bites.

Lesson 1: Always trust your instincts!
A friend I held near & dear screwed me. Though, sensing her bad vibes, I never saw it coming my way.

Lesson 2: Come clean! We're not all stupid!
It bit me, assumeing (making an ass out of U n ME) I could not see it, then tried to writhe out of it when cornered. That just made things worse.

Lesson 3: Serpents don't descriminate prey. It's nature.
Snakes will sell/screw their mothers for a few bucks! I feel emo about letting this friendship go but I must. Too bad, I've come to value her opinions & her funny commentaries about people (clue!) but feigning friendship will make me no better.

The wound is healed but the poison remains and will be as annoying as hammeroids - pretending to go away but sneakily creeping back out one's butt when least expected. I thank the forces for a reminder in looking where I thread. Fool me twice, shame on me!

Lesson 4: Hate is wasted on fools. Heal instead
Understand this: Ill actions beget disasterous consequences. So there! ~Bye Lene, I'm not hating just healing.

Art Immitates Life!!! Love These Fakes!

I'm Not A Plastic Bag ... Saga Continues
I'm Not A Plastic Bag has caused quite a nuisance worldwide. They had to ban it in China! If you didn't manage to get one maybe you should consider one of these... They're so much cooler, no? Both sites ship worldwide. ~Yay!! No waiting in line...

Douche Bag from

Smug Twat by

Thursday, September 6, 2007

I Need This!!!

I really want this shirt from Urban Outfitters & They don't ship outside USA! AAAAAAAGGHH!!! It's great I have 1 already, it hides my gut (without making me look preggers) even when sitting down.

I called my ex in the US to bug & beg him for it. He's going to send it -I hope. Yay! I love him!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hilarious Prank Call

Hilarious Prank Call on You Tube I got over email.


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