Saturday, September 13, 2008

In Malaysia, Stupidity Rules!!!

As if things could not get worse, it does! Sinking to a new low even by their standards, the goverment has arrested under ISA: Raja Petra, editor of government watchdog portal Malaysia-Today, Sin Chew journalist Tan Hoon Cheng (because she reported Ahmad Ismail's racist statements -Ummm he did say it!) and MP Teresa Kok, for comments on the Azan's noise levels that Khir Toyol said she made (Umm she didn't) ???!!! -Ok arrest the messenger, then arrest Khir Toyo! At least be consistent right!

A few other bloggers may be next and probably predictably Anwar & even maybe Guan Eng:
I have been told by qualified sources that I me be included in the next round of ISA arrests. I am not afraid of what this government might do to stifle dissent and squash the hopes of people for change. -Din Merican

Oh! And then there's the “show cause” letter to three newspapers. For reporting the truth...

Bodoh!!! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! I have nothing else to say...
Who is really running the country??? Politiicians' wives??? -Please stand up! Our country (oops! Actually not ours since I'm only a squatter) is going to the dogs. We are the subject of mockery, key phrases and words used to describe the state of our current (stupidity) state of affairs internationally:

a draconian law, sparking fears, major government crackdown on dissent -Bangkok Post

start of a wider crackdown ahead of an anticipated opposition push to gain control of parliament next week

arrests, for which the police gave no reason -NY Times

a colonial-era and draconian law -Guardian

Malaysia risks irreparable harm to its already fragile reputation -Human Rights Watch

raises fears; Malaysia is regressing -BBC

draconion law, ailing administration- AFP

oppressive regimes always have their way to keep you inside your jail cell -the inquisitr

...subverting democracy through non-electoral means that are downright laughable -taipei times

Malu! Malu! Shame!!!! Shame!!!!

-Sigh! If only they were this cekap to govern.


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