Monday, June 9, 2008

Trying to Book a Hotel in Paris in June *@*#$$!

Le 9 Hotel, Paris

When traveling, I pour a large portion of research time into finding a cool hotel because it can make or break a trip... an oldy moldy hotel with scary curly furniture and floral bedding will seriously send me screaming out of there split seconds!!!

Thankfully, of late boutique hotels are sprouting up everywhere, easy to book and quite affordable, although nowhere near cheap. New hotels are cool because they have less history... i.e.; stains and unwelcome room-mates (of the pest-y & astral kind). Or so I thought.

Trying to book a reasonably priced hotel in a central part of town in Paris at this time of the year seems to be damn near impossible. Apparently, to quote a french dude that turned my reservations down... "dat izz Paris in June..."

Besides stalking myboutiquehotel (best rates but only paris & london), tablethotels (coolest site but a little pricier) & splendia (almost the same as myboutique but in USD), which are really cool sites for boutique hotels, I've also been calling hotels who all seem to be booked (for my budget) or those that are were in my price range (150Euros thats x 5.2 Ringgits!!!) are now at least 30% more. Sigh! Let's not even get into the frantic calling to Morocco trying to book a Riad there -hardly any English spoken. (Did I mention I'm going to Morocco too?)

Anyway finally heard back from rep at myboutique hotels who should be able to hopefully book for me 9 hotel at 120-190 Euros.

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